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RM650i Clicks


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Starting today my Corsair RM650i started to click every 5 seconds, very annoying. Worth mentioning the fan is turned on. The click is there with the fan on or off.

I bought it on July 14th 2015.


Is there a problem with the PSU ?



LE: it also starts to click randomly and after a few minutes of clicking it stops, then starts to click again etc.

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Ok, so it's not happening anymore. Don't know if it's because what I did, or it stopped by itself.


What I did: Before, my 980Ti was powered by a single PCI-E 8+8pin cable from the PSU. Now I added the second PCI-E cable to the PSU and each cable powers a single 8pin of the GPU.

I read on different forums that a power thirsty 980ti shouldn't be powered by a single pcie cable. Don't know if the clicking is related though.


Will update the thread if the clicking comes back.

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