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Help getting audio working for Audacity (pics inside)


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Info on what I have


Audio Technica AT2020


Line 6 POD Studio UX2






So I got everything set up, including the annoying drivers for the UX2 (Line 6 Monkey installed them for me), and I plug it in and it turns on and shows it's reading.


However whenever I go to record, nothing is recording. Now when I plugged in the UX2 and everything lights up, the notches don't exactly bump up when talking. I plugged the cord directly from the mic into it, and then the extension cord (as pictured in the 2nd pic), but still nothing happened.


Can someone help me out? Really looking to try and do some stuff with my voice, and this one has me stumped. Thank you so much for looking at this.

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Unfortunately, the Audio subsection here was intended for Corsair headsets and audio products.


You will probably receive better support from forums that focus on audio/audiophile equipment.


You may want to check whether your problem is only with Audacity. Does work in other recording software? Have you check the input/recording options in Audacity? etc etc.

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