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H110i GT + Z170 fan monitoring issue in C Link software


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Hello all,

Hoping someone can help me out with this issue im having. So I briefly had my new H110i gt in an older Asus rog z87 rig. After a few hiccups, i got everything working great. We built a new Asus Rog Z170 rig over the new year, so i decided to put the H110i in the new pc instead.

I've got it all setup, but the Corsair Link software will not recognize any of the case fans! I'm totally new to the z170 platform, so im still learning, but i think this has something to do with the fact that the UEFI in z170 has greatly expanded fan options. You can actually choose the source of each fan seperately, ie CPU, Motherboard, VRM, PCH, T_sensor and ext sensors. My z87 didn't have those options. I believe that may be why the Link software isn't monitoring the case fans properly.

So, does any one know which setting i should have my case fans set to in order for them to show up properly in Link?

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