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Muti-Pressing K70


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It staarted out as just the Light for Num-lock not working all of the time, but I figured that was just due to a BIOS issue, since both the Keyboard and Mouse I have sometimes stay on due to the On/Off Charge.


However, a few weeks ago, I started getting double/tripple letters. Sometimes it's worse than others, such as having to wait 15 minutes because my password failed so many times, before posting this.


It was ordered February 19, 2015, and I was wondering what I should do.


Currently, it seems to only be having issuues with the A key, but at times, U, H, aand random other keys start doing it.


What do I do?


I tried updating the Firmware to no success, swapping the BIOS switch to different settings also doesn't help. Is my only option trying to RMA it?

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Switch Hitter says absolutely nothing...


It says there isn't aany chatter, yet in one sentence "aany" <--including this one, chattered. (twice)


Since I've gone 11 months without this happening, is my only choice RMA? If so, how do I begin such a process?

(I also didn't mention I'm just using the normal K70, not the RGB, but just in case it needs clarification.)

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