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old k70 vs 2016 k70 what i found


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i have my k70 rgb with reds (old version with the tattoo logo) and just purchased a 2016 version with browns and on paper they should be the same but im finding little differences. They are very minor, if you dont have the 2 keyboards side by side its probably imposible to tell the difference. but i was surprised of finding them.


the first difference is the aluminium finish: in the 2016 version the finish is less shiny glossy whatever you want to call it, i think the new one looks better


the second is the writsrest, the old one had a very grippy surface, the newone feels harder and less grippy and i can tell the difference just by feel, they look the same but the old one feels like it has more rubber.


the third one are the leds, the lights in general, i dont know if it is just the difference in the switch batch because the controller is the same but the new one is a little brighter, again, you wont notice it unless you have the two keyboards side by side, but it does look brigther, on the other hand the new one shows a little more blueish white and greener yellow, like the strafe rgb, but still color accuracy is the best of all the rgb keyboard that i have tried.


overall im very happy with the two keyboards.

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