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Graphite 600T Parts


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I was fortunate enough to adopt our old server case from work (600T in black), that was upgraded to a Thermaltake Level 10 shortly before I started working for the company. Unfortunately however, it's missing a few bits here and there (no front bay covers, no front mesh) and one of the side panels' latches have broken.


After long searches on the internet, which regularly just end up as me lurking around looking at vague items nobody would buy on eBay, I've noticed that the front mesh is available for purchase directly from Corsair themselves, however, I cannot get a Black windowed side pane, or front bay covers, from... well anywhere in the UK.


My request is if anyone knows of somewhere I can contact to find these parts (Black Windowed side panel and 5.25 bay covers), I'd really appreciate having that information forwarded to myself.


Cheers all!


I'll attach some cheeky pictures of my system just because :)



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