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H60 Backplate Help! Metal Plate on back of MB


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Hi All,


Really hoping to get some help here, before I go ahead and do something stupid and brick my MB. Having issues getting the backplate to fit on the MB.


I'm trying to install the H60 onto an old Alienware Aurora 0H869M LGA 1366 MB


It had a stock Alienware liquid cooling system on it that I've removed.


Link to Pic of Alienware Plastic Backplate, easily came off.


The problem is this metal plate underneath it.

Link to pic of Metal backplate, this thing is secured on tight!


Now the H60 backplate will not line up flush with this metal plate there. My question is... should I try to remove this metal plate? I'm worried this is part of the socket housing. In that case maybe I can try to bend the corsair plate over it.


Any helpful souls out there who know the workaround on this.


P.S.: I did try to put the H60 mount screws in the alienware bracket before pulling out the MB. They sat snug but did not screw in and secure.

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