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AX860 causes instability under load


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on june 27th last year I bought an AX860 powersupply for my system.

After letting the supply sit on my table for almost two months, I finally

got around to install it in august.


In late december, less than 4 months after starting to use PSU, it began

to cause intermittent stability problems. And in just few days my 6 month

warranty period would end.


The system specs are in my profile, though I'll quickly summon them again:


CPU: Intel i7-2600k

Mainboard: Sapphire Pure Platinum Z77

GPU: Gigabyte GTX980 G1 Gaming

SDD: 2x Samsung 850PRO 512GB

HDD: 8x WD Green 4TB


To the actual problem: With this configuration and the AX860 powering

the system, things will only remain stable on idle. If the CPU is loaded

(video encoding as RL example, Prime95 for artifical load) and/or if

I'm playing games (Fallout 4, Witcher 3 as RL examples, Unigine Heaven 4.0

to simulate load) the system will blackscreen and crash after anything

from 10 minutes to several hours of use.


After swapping to an old 500W powersupply of a different manufacturer

the crashes have vanished and the system is prime-stable and gaming-stable



I do assume that the PSU -while still within specs on idle/low load- drops

out of spec erratically/sporadically while under high load, causing the

graphics card to blackscreen and crash the rest of the system.


I'm situated in Iceland, so going through RMA on my own would incur

relatively steep shipping fees and a waiting time of anything from 8-12

weeks, so I did return the unit to the computer store it was bought, who

according to their own tests did not find anything wrong with it.


I'm however skeptical of the abilities of a small computer store to properly

diagnose and check a powersupply that only exhibits problems under certain

conditions or high load.


I'm therefor asking how to best proceed. Would an official letter from Corsair

asking the store to replace the powersupply be an option? Or do I have to

bite that bullet and enter into a lengthy and expensive RMA process?


With best regards,

-Thomas Praekelt



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