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NA layout - World of Tanks - Animated Treads, Camo and Explosions

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Name: World of Tanks – Animated Treads, Camo and Explosions


Description: Animated treads “roll” across the keyboard, the WASD and essential buttons are their own custom animation loop of fire and explosions.

The ammo/consumable/utility keys 1-5 and Q have their own military green and utility indicator blink. I use Q for the fire extinguisher because it’s faster to reach and prevents fumbling. I also moved the T(arget request) button to spacebar for the same reason.

Finally, all the way at the top and bottom I made a static camo color pattern with the exception of the F-keys that I tend to use regularly. Also, you gotta have that screenshot button ready to mash when you get those amazing rounds.

The second mode has reactive ‘explosions’ enabled, hit the pause button on the keyboard to switch modes at any time.

I customized the windows lock key as well, bright green when it is unlocked.


Note: If you feel the layout does not work for you feel free to copy any lighting mode on different keys. I did not use lighting groups, which in my experience just lock everything down unless you make a new group. I think it limits ease of customization.


Author's Note: This is my very first try at doing a keyboard profile, but I ended up putting quite some work into it as I didn't copy/steal any animations. I found that nobody made a decent world of tanks profile besides just coloring the buttons, so I gave it a shot. Any suggestions are welcome.

Future possibilities: animating the camo with a series of slow gradient loops (active camouflage? :O))

world of tanks - treads and camo.prf

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I like the effects you were able to make, especially for your first time. As you are the only person on this forum that has made a WoT profile for the K70 I thought I'd check it out. How were you able to make the treads work is sync with each other?


I also made a WoT profile, you can find my post for it here: http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=157645 Let me know if you like it. I personally don't think I would like staring at the colors you used while I played Tanks but I can see other people enjoying it. Have a good day!

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