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Mouse stutters really bad in CL in 1440p/144hz


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Hey guys first post. I spent a good half hour searching existing threads on here and haven't found anything related to my below issue.


I recently upgraded to a 1440p/144hz monitor and I notice that when I open the CL app the mouse stutters/lags really bad while window is in focus but the second CL goes out of focus everything returns to normal. The reason I believe it is related to 1440p/144hz is because I have my old 60hz 1080p monitor next to the new one and when I move CL over to that monitor I don't ever see any mouse stuttering. Does anyone else with 1440p/144hz experience this?


Also concerning which may/may not be related to the stuttering, CL is using a lot of memory in task manager. One CL (32 bit) background process shows 14MB or so of memory utilization with barely any CPU utilization. The second CL (32 bit) process under Apps shows upwards of 140 MB of memory and 0% CPU.


Win10 Pro 64bit

CL 3.2.5742 w/ H100i

1.1.3 firmware

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Same for me.. I'd had a VG278HR ASUS screen before (144Hz 1080p) - and it was never an issue. But my new PG279Q - mouse stuttering aplenty.


EDIT - Should have said .. Windows 10 Pro (64-bit), latest Corsair Link (3.2.5742) and H110i GT

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