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Fan Issue, Fan Not Detected Properly.


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On the two fan cables to attach fans coming from the CPU block one of the cables only detects any PWM fan as a three pin fan and max RPM as 535 instead of 1836. The same fan is detected properly in the other cable and it does this with any PWM fan. A three pin fan I'd detected properly and at the right speeds. I checked to see if the four PWM wires were attached right and they seem to be fine. Any suggestions other then to use three pin fans only? I tried manually updating the firmware, it never helped. :(
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Have you tried resetting the LINK software to default? Does it change anything?


You can do this in the options tab.


Yes, that fixed it!!!


Thank you. :D:


Can you Rep people here, if you can I'd do it for you. :cool:


I figured it out and repped you. ;):

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