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Voyager Air will not connect via USB3 if certain other USB device is connected.


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Since I just read the rules against posting about competitor products, I will try to be compliant albeit a little cryptic here.


I notice that if a certain unifying RF receiver (dongle) is already present on the system then the Voyager Air is unable to connect via USB3. Furthermore, the next time you hook up, the system wants to scan and fix hardware (making the owner believe the drive/ drive software is in error).


Reinstalling the dongle after the drive is connected does not seem to cause a problem. I assume that there is some kind of collision while the Voyager Air is being discovered.


Reproducibility of issue - every time I forget to remove the dongle first.


I am not sure if this warrants any work on the part of Corsair but I thought I would bring it you your attention. Maybe a simple "heads up" in the FAQ would suffice.

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The manufacturer of the unifying receiver is Logitech. Their micro/nano unifying receiver is used for just about all of there recent cordless mice and keyboards. Upon removing the receiver, the Voyager Air drive immediately shows up but the OS request scan and fix.
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