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Lapdog now longer with full size keyboard support


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I saw the updated version at CES and I like the top of the mouse mat area having more room but it looks to long with a full size keyboard in there. are there going to be two models now with 1 for TKL and 1 for full size keyboard?


Surely TKL has got to be more popular for this type of setup and thats what Im after.

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I could be wrong, but I suspect the Lapdog is modular - allowing you to use the tenkeyless K65 or the standard K70 with a mousepad, or the K95 on its own. It may even be compatible with the Strafe.


However, I doubt very much they will be making an iteration that can hold both the K95 AND a mousepad.

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Will there be a lapdog variation developed to be used with the K95?


We can't discuss rumors or unannounced products, sorry.


What rumor?

I'm asking a simple question!

What's your problem?


You are asking if we are developing something. We can only talk about items that we have made, items we currently make, or items that we have announced. We cannot discuss items that do not fall within one of these three categories.

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