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Keyboard Lighting outside of CUE


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Recently purchased the STRAFE RGB.

Just trying to figure out a few things with the CUE software.


As far as I understand, the CUE Software is to modify settings, lighting effects and mappings etc.

The ability to set a "Default" profile is used to ensure that the device reverts to that profile on boot or initial loading of the CUE Software.

And equally, the option to move profile/mode to device memory also exists.


Here's where my question is, I assume that moving the profile to memory means all the information for that single profile is stored within the device itself and it means that it can operate with lighting effects and profile information even when:

1. The computer is booting up (Bios/Not logged into windows)

2. Corsair's CUE Software is exited/not open yet.


If I'm incorrect in this I'd like to know, or else is it faulty hardware/software (firmware) that's to blame for my keyboard just completely turning off (lights) when I quit the CUE software.


Any response/ideas would be appreciated.



- Running Windows 10 64-bit with Firmware version 1.13.36

- Have both cables plugged in on USB 3.0


Once again, Cheers for any responses


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