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discrepancy - 4GB DDR3 Guaranteed work??? No way


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Have problem with http://www.corsair.com/en-us/cmv4gx3m1a1333c9

As you mention on site, you guaranted to work on all dual and triple chanel Intel and AMD platforms.


I bought few years ago in my country 4GB DDR3 Memory (CMV4GX3M1A1333C9) and everything was ok. I use it on Intel platform and G41 chipset.


Last week i wanted to upgrade RAM memory to 8GB. Problem was that i cant find in stores in my country, so i'll go abroad to buy memory. Why not?

I was in Hungary and bought 4GB DDR3 Memory CMV4GX3M1A1333C9. But when i came home, i realised that is not the same as mine. Problem was that new one which i bought is single sided (1R- it has chips only on one side), so i realised that wouldn't work on my platform. Everything would be ok, that you don't guaranted to work on all platforms.


So i have question is it possible to make this memory to work on my platform or i was foolish to believe you that will work?




PS> I wanted to contact you customer support, but can't find email. So post it here.

PSS. Sorry for bad English.


Here are pics of RAM, left is not working, right is OK and working on old G41 platform.


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Left don't work in any way. Don't work solo, dont work in dual. Few secs pc work, dark screen, but no beep, nothing happens and turn off.

Right memory works fine when it is solo. Actually it works for a few years.


I have old and cheap Asrock G41C, but i think is not the problem with Mobo. Problem is probably with chip density. New one has higher chip density with only 8 chips on one side and won't work. Old one has 16 chips, with 8chips on both sides.

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These lower density ICs are no longer in production for quite some time, so that's why older memory models now are produced from higher density parts.


I don't know if there is any model left, that still is using 1Gbit ICs, but i doubt it. You could try to ask Corsair about it or hunt down a used kit that was produced during the time most 1Gbit ICs were still in production (2012 or earlier possibly?).


Edit: I don't know what exact MB model your using, but the G41 chipset is limited the amount of modules and ranks as well, so maybe it is right time to upgrade altogether?

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I think thats true. But this is problem:


Key Features of CMV4GX3M1A1333C9:


Guaranteed to work on all dual and triple channel Intel and AMD platforms

World famous Corsair reliability and performance


So actually this is not true, and i was bluffed with that marketing trick.

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I guess that is what can happen if you combine a chipset from 2008 with memory of current production. You can blame Intel for the G41 chipsets limitations or ASRock for your mainboards memory compatibility or Corsair for their marketing statement, but in the end that is just a very rare exception (and the G41 does not even officially support DDR3-1333 either).
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Ok, i knew its old platform, but it works ok. I never have problem with it. Upgraded with modded 771 to 775 xeon X5450 so i am pleased with it. With 8Gb of Ram it will be perfect form me now.


Problem is Corsair and their statement that will work on all platforms, because its not true. They make me stupid because i beleived them.


I learned not to believe them and they will not bluff me ever again.

Bluff me once shame on you, bluff me twice shame on me.

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