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Alternate Key colours for modifier keys

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Hi guys,

First post here, i'm actually waiting to receive the K95 RGB, hopefully should have it before the weekend

Anyway, i'm not using the keyboard for gaming but i'll be using it with my Digital Audio Workstation software, Presonus Studio ONe 3.

This is basically music recording software, and it has a lot of features, of which many are mapped to keyboard shortcuts.

I intend to create my own K95 profile to use with the keyboard. The question that i want to ask is, can i assign two colours to one key?

Let me explain, the S key by default is Solo in Studio One, i'll be colouring it yellow to match the icon in the software. CTRL + S is Save, can i assign a secondary colour to a key so that when its pressed in combination with a modifier key (CTRL, SHIFT, ALT) the S key will display a different colour?


This would be super handy for me as the colours will be a visual aid to remind what the particular function is.



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Hi guys,i was a happy CUE user until a recent update install when i noticed that the software had changed.

Unfortunately with this version 2 the cue software has not kept my colour settings.

How can i get the colours recognised in v2 without having to redo the whole thing?

When i turn my PC off the original colours illuminate the keyboard so i know they are still there.

help please

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Hi guys, this is still an issue for me. Is there anyway to import my old Cue 1 profile in CUE2. If not then its going to be a real drag to have to recreate from scratch. I put many hours into perfecting that profile which was mapped over the 3 macro buttons.
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