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Obsidian 900D: Internal 120mm Fan Mounting Options


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I love my new Obsidian 900D, but I'd like to improve my cooling even more.


What I want to do is mount at least two additional 120mm fans internally to make sure the airflow over my GPUs, Samsung 950, and G.Skill modules is strong.


I highlighted the area in the picture below yellow where I'd like to mount them. The key is I'd like to do it without sticking my empty drive cages back into the case just to serve as fan mounts - doing so would probably restrict as much airflow as it creates defeating the purpose.


Are there any existing fan mount accessories (by Corsair or 3rd party) that anyone would suggest that would be less obstructive than drive cages?



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I don't think there are any mounting accessories for that.


What you can try is zip tie the first fan to the ODD bay then zip tie the second fan to the fan zip tied to the ODD bay. Whether the temperature difference makes it worth doing it, i'm not quite sure there.

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You did give me an idea! :cool:


I can strap fans right to the inside of the case, in between the wire grommets. That would blow air right in between my video cards and over my RAM and SSD. My only challenge would be making sure the fans don't rattle against the tray.


Thanks for the suggestion!

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Have you tried ColdZero to get a custom part made? Can easily be done you just need to move the two drive bays to that location and a back plate with 2x 120 fittings, all the plate would need to do is screw on to the back of the two HDD cages.


You could then get the parts from them to hide the entire front bays, only thing if you where to put a midplate in the case you would be limited to a short one same goes for a light box.

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Two suggestions which might work as well:

1. You flip the fan in the back so it will work as an intake. or

2. you install one fan with static pressure in the upper front. the airflow should be divided by your upper video card.

Not a bad thought, but unfortunately I'm already a bit short on exhaust fans versus intake fans already (6 intake versus 4 exhaust). Your idea with the static pressure fan was a good one. The only reason I decided to stay with regular fans was I love how quiet my machine is (even with all fans forced on high it's half as loud as my old Antec case). Thanks for the suggestions though!



Have you tried ColdZero to get a custom part made?

I never heard of them until you mentioned it. I will check them out!



Can you stick a fan on the side of a drive bay to do what you need?

I could but I'm trying to avoid using the existing drive bays as fan mounts. Even with the drive sleds removed the sides of the empty fan cages would obstruct air flow from the front intake fans, not 100% but probably enough to negate any benefit of mounting fans onto them. I want to mount some internal fans without introducing obstructions to my existing intake fans.



Thanks for everyone's feedback! I think I'm just going to tie-strap two 120MM fans to the open area on the motherboard tray, in between the wire grommets. There's plenty of space there and I could put one fan to blow in between my video cards and another to blow onto my memory modules and SSD. I've already got the fans to do it. I just need to set aside some time and cut out some packaging material to insert between the fans and tray for noise dampening. It's very low tech but should be effective.

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