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Void USB 7.1 Sound Issues


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I have had the Void USB 7.1 since October 2015 (I know that was such a long time ago ;P) and just recently in the past week my headset will not output sound. I can hear the beep when it is detected by my system but after that I can't hear anything. I have it selected as the default communication and audio source. When I try to test the sound in the playback devices menu it says there is no headset detected. I have Windows 10 and I didn't have any issues until last week when I updated the firmware to the CUE. I have tried turning off the CUE, disconnecting the headset and reconnecting, and restarting my PC but have had no luck. I'm not sure if there is an issue between the Windows 10 drivers and the headset but this is really frustrating since I wouldn't be able to return the product if it is a compatibility issue. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to possibly fix the problem?
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