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Whole Corsair keyboard flashing


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I split a little bit of water onto my corsair keyboard a few tiny drops landed on top of the Windows Key,ALT, and CTRL Key (Left side). Now whenever I plug my keyboard in it flashes rapidly, it still types but I can actually click anything because something keeps spamming. It might of been a program called SLAM whenever I was playing CS:GO sometimes I use a program called SLAM so I can play music through my mic but whenever I would press my mic key to talk I could hear myself through my mic and the ALT and Windows key would up the brightness and then it would lower the brightness for some odd reason. My keyboard should be under factory warranty since I just bought it during Christmas (2015). As the keyboard flashes as well the Start Menu would come up and then it'd go back to the desktop and it'd keep doing it over and over again.






My product is and should be still under warranty so I should be able to return it of need be.

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