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H2100 Volume Wheel Oscillating Volume


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I just purchased the H2100 headset, installed the drivers, fully charged the headset before use, etc. Whenever I go to use the volume wheel on the side of the headset, the volume will switch back and forth between what I am currently on and the setting below. For example, if the volume is on 10 and I scroll up to increase volume, it just goes 10, 8, 10, 8, 10, 8, and so on as I keep scrolling. The same thing happens if I scroll down to decrease the volume. I have also tried a small scroll to increase, then pause, and scroll again to increase, but it does the same thing.


However, I have the RGB keyboard and the volume wheel works on there perfectly, even with the headset. I tried the headset wheel without the drivers and with the drivers installed with the same results. I also tried restarting the Human Interface Device Access service with no luck.


Any ideas? Thanks!

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