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PCIe power cables - can it be cleaner?


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Forgive my lack of vocabulary - I'm new to this game. I have a RM1000X. I'm confused by the PCIe 8 pin (6+2) cable - why are the included 4 cables all Y types with 2 branching 6+2 ends?


I have a power hungry graphics card - the MSI 980 ti Lightning. It needs 2x 8-pin power, as well as 1x 6-pin power. Using the included cables is looking messy, so I’m hoping for help cleaning it up.


8 pin power (x2): Will the single 8-pin connector at the PSU supply enough power through the pigtail Y connection to power both 6+2 plugs on the video card? Or for the two 8pin power outlets do I need to run separate single lines, one each from the PSU to video card (leaving the Y extension dangling)


Does that make sense? I mean, what other reason is there for having the pigtail if it can't deliver the same amount of power as the primary plug, right?

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I think I know what you're saying.


So you have to ask yourself: What's messier looking? Three individual cables running to your graphics card or just two? Also, what's easier to hide? Two cables or three?


Also, your graphics card's power connector configuration is the exception. Not the norm. Typically, one cable is all that's needed to feed most high end graphics cards.


You should be perfectly fine using just two cables. Use one pig-tail cable and one one-to-one cable and there should be no issues whatsoever.

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