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Long time, no see!

Hi Guys!


Currently running custom watercooling loop in Corsair Carbide Air 540 with single radiator XSPC crossflow 240mm in push-pull config (on top of the case). Now I am thinking of actually populating ALL possible spaces (front: 360mm top 240mm back 120mm).

Can you suggest some radiators that would fit in at least push/pull config? Preferably same brand/design.


I do have enough fans to run at least push/pull on all radiators AND fan ports (fan controller ) to run such setup.


Using 13/10mm if it matters, with some Phobya compression fittings.

Apart from crappy CPU (Intel Pentium K) I run OC'ed MSI GTX980 Gaming 4G (also under water, thank you EKWB ) But I will be upgrading to Skylake sooner or later (maybe even 2011-v3) so don't bother asking why I need this.



Together with this I might need to either: change pump(some Phobya pump)+reservoir(Phobya balancer 250 >H200mm x D50mm) location to the chamber where PSU is stored OR buy new (very small) set. Or change current reservoir tube from being 200mm in height to 100mm.


PC itself:

MSI Z97 Gaming 9 AC BIOS V1.0B1

Intel G3258 4.4GHz @1.25v

Corsair Vengeance Pro Red 4x4GB @1333MHz (currently just 2x4 as I damaged the pins when I inserted delidded CPU, bad design of EKWB water block which in no way stopped/"alerted" me of screwing the screws too far.... )

Corsair CX750M 80+ Bronze

MSI GTX980 4G Gaming

Couple of SSDs and HDDs

Creative Sound Blaster Z

Custom LED lighting using Adafruit LEDs and Arduino



Opened to suggestions.




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