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Dear All,


I have received my new mouse (corsair sabre RGB)


I have installed the newest version of CUE which is 1.13.36


I can see in the CUE that my current version of CUE is 1.13.36 and there is a button next to it to get the updated version. When i do it of course i get a note that i already have the newest version.


However i don't see any Firmware update button nor my current firmware version! which is the newest firmware version for my mouse?


Also, I feel the urge to say that i see very few different colors on my mouse. I dont talk about the milion collors (that ok I can do without) but also most of the collors depicted in the small pallete (of sth like 20-25 colors) are not shown on my mouse!

Ok I can see Red green blue yellow purple but in most cases , what i see on my screen has nothing to do with what i see on the mouse!


I feel a little disappointed and I hope its not the same with my K70 RGB which I have ordered.

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To check if the FW is updated go in CUE > SETTINGS > DEVICES, the update FW button is there for every CUE-enabled connected device.


As for the light, are you possibly talking about the DPI led indicator on the left rather than the other 3 lighting zones?

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I am not at home and i cannot check regarding the firmware yet.


Regarding the colors i am talking about the zones. I go to a zone and select an effect ( i have read that if i want more customization i should degrade my version). So I select an effect and then i can choose a color. I get a pallete with 20 colors and also i can press a button to go to a color crosshair selection where i can choose ANY color from a million colors.


I choose very common colors like brown for example and what I see has nothing to do with brown.


And thats for ALL zones not just one!

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I have checked firmware. Its ok. i found that i have the latest.


I also received my K70 keyboard which is trully awesome! I can do ANY color i want and the color i see on the monitor is marvellously depicted on the keys.


If my Sabre is supposed to do these colorations as well, then it is NOT.

I can do many colorations but there is surely a problem . It is very common that i have a very dark color on my screen but on the mouse I see a very whiteish color. And its in all three zones. not just one.


Its probably a defected product so i am planning to return it

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