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K95 issues


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Hi all, I have two K95's and think they are great. The issue I have is that I sometimes have a problem at startup when the keyboard goes into default lighting, will not be recognized by either windows or CUE. Sometimes if I'm lucky it will click in after half an hour if not I have to pull out the case and unplug the usb cable and re-insert to get it going .. even then it is hit and miss and I have to re-boot ... I'm using the USB3 connection (one cable plugged in) if that helps .. any ideas what's causing it?


Mobo: Asus Maximus viii Extreme

CPU: core i7 6700k (4.6 Ghz)

Ram: 16Gb Team Group 3733Mhz

OS: Win 10 Pro x64

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Try using a different usb port, or try also switching to 2 usb 2.0 ports instead of a single 3.0 one.



Tip: using the slider on the back of the board to change refresh rate or put the k95 into bios mode should restart the keyboard. That's basically the same as re-plugging the keyboard.

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