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What's with this thing???


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So I used to have a Cooler Master Nepton 240M and was looking for a little nicer looking alternative. When I seen the H110i Gt I thought this looks like a great performer and it looks great too BUT...


I have had nothing but problems with it.

First, after installing "Link" it just continually asked me to reboot my PC. Every time I turned the computer on it would reinstall the driver for the USB interface or pump and when finished would tell me to reboot to complete the installation. When I would reboot it would install it again and ask me to reboot again. It just kept doing that endlessly.

I found some very unnerving post on these forums that instructed me to make some registry edit and that seems to have fixed that. I don't like messing with the registry in the earliest versions of windows but I was pretty desperate to get it to stop endlessly asking for me to restart the computer so I guess I was willing to go with that.


I spent a great deal of time setting up Link and all my custom curves because I found the thing to be way too loud on its default settings. Quiet isn't too bad but it doesn't cool worth a damn and for some reason does not seem to adjust for temperatures at all.


After setting up mu custom curves, I gave it several runs with Aida64 and was very happy and satisfied with the results. It was very quiet under normal use and not too loud under heavy load but adjusted in a very nice curve.


Yesterday I turned on the computer and for some reason the fans were not changing speed at all.

1%, 20%, 50% 100%

No matter what the load the fans just ran at whatever speed they ran at.

I changed to the balanced mode and the fans run faster. On Max speed they run at max speed. But, on my custom curve they do not seem to adjust to the temperature at all.

I deleted the profile and redid everything and still nothing.


Since then I have removed Link, deleted all traces of it, reinstalled, reset to defaults, re-setup my curves and profile and nothing.

When I start Aida64 and watch the RPM/Temp graph in "Configuration" tab it ramps up from about 40 degrees to 50 but my actual temps are over 90 in seconds. (Pics Below)

This hunk of junk is going to kill my PC.








On a related note, Corsair Link is terrible!!!

It's kind of sad really. It seems like Corsair was really trying to do something cool here and then just crapped the bed in a huge way and washed their hands and went home. I mean it is horriblly designed software, super buggy and seems to be completely incompatible with Windows 10

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The fans are not linked to a group which is why nothing is changing.


To group the fans back to the coolant temperature. Click the dropdown menu and click the H110i GT Temp.


You were bang on buddy. I didn't see your post till tonight and I figured it out before I did but that is exactly what it was.

It's crazy to me to imagine that the fans are allowed to be in any group other than the processor temp.

It took me forever to figure it out but that is what it was.

I noticed that if I ran the stress test long enough that the H110i would eventually hit 50 degrees and I would hear the fans ramp up a little. Then it occurred to me.

I grouped the fans and pump into the processor temps and voila!

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