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Popping noise in headset, and constant disconnect


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VOID Wireless


It seems at times I can get no better than 4 minutes between the audio quality horribly dropping, then a disconnect.


Also, I'm getting this horrible popping sound in my headset. Almost like the popping from a vinyl disc from back when. It's non-rhythmic and over-rides any audio coming in. Tried other USB ports, on charger, off charger....anyone else having this, or have a solution maybe?

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I also have a brand new VOID RGB, newest firmware update, unboxed it yesterday.


Since today I've got a popping noise - re-pairing the headset doesn't resolve it. I didn't change anything in my setup since yesterday.


Update: After a reboot, the issue was gone. Before it was a Windows woken up from sleep (S3). I can say that the popping noise only occurred right after the "confirmation noise" that CUE makes when it detects the headset. Will investigate further.

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