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Cherry MX Silent Brown?


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I believe there is no MX Silent brown switch because browns are RGB Browns are already partially silenced!


They may not be as quiet as MX RGB silent reds and silent blacks, but they are significantly quieter than the non RGB MX Browns!


If you test regular MX brown switch and a RGB MX brown switch and test it with the exact same keycap, the traditional MX brown is significantly louder than the RGB MX brown. The clear housing type of the RGB Brown creates a dampening effect very similar to using thin O rings on a traditional MX keyswitch. And, that, combined with being far more likely to bottom out in a linear keyswitch rather than a tactile one, might have caused silent browns to not be a priority. Once you test them side by side, then you will see why they may not be a priority right now.

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So until there are RGB Silent Browns, does it help to put transparent O-Rings on the RGB Browns?


I bought a "K70 Brown non RGB" and returned it since I could not bare the plastic tap sound when the key was pressed all the way down.

Loved the keyboard, just could not stand how loud it was. So am wondering if I should go:


- Silent RGB (I really don't like linear switches like Reds/Blacks),

- RGB Brown

- RGB Brown with O-Rings

- wait for RGB Silent Browns, which there are no ETA on :(



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