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hx100w Power Supply is Turned Off


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Good day,

My HX1000W power supply has the following flaw: the power works well for long hours and loads of hard disks, reading units , boards, peripherals, etc. , but when you connect a video card PCI Express standard , low-end , the source and turn it off at 2 minutes , on again and got it.

The video card is removed and turned on and working properly.

Which may be the damage .

Thank you.

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Thank you for answering the truth I have tried multiple CPU configurations and Board , from high-end to low-end and with several hard and peripherals discs and all good , the fault appears when I connect a PCI Express low-end video card or half and two minutes after lights are turned off and not booting again . When I remove the video card and start the system again .

Thank you

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