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Problems with the Corsair Link Software


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I just recently built a new rig, with lots of lovely corsair products and I want to use the corsair link software to monitor my internal hardware. I downloaded the newest version 3.2.5742, but I'm having problems with it for sure. Most of the time when I have the actual window open to set up my internals on the system image or really when I do much of anything in the software it bogs down my system like crazy. Like really bad, I have so much video lag that it's like a test in patience to click anything on the screen. It's not like my system is so mediocre that I can't handle something like this application either, I have two 980s SLI and a 6 core i7 with 32g of RAM.


Not only that, but I get my internal hardware set up appropriately on the system image diagram it works, but then sometimes if I reboot my system or even close the CL application and open it again, the hardware pieces will still be where I had them set on the diagram, except they just don't show anything as being readable. Usually it's the fans and temp for both my 980s, and then the temps for my HD and SSD. However, there will be a duplicate of these over in the drag and drop bar on the left and I have to delete the ones already set in the system image diagram and then drag them over from the left again and save them. Anybody having these same issues or know a fix for my problem??

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