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LED Strip with Link doesn't light up


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I have bought a Commander Mini and the LED strip. I clean installed Windows 10 and installed Corsair Link (5742). When I first started everything was ok and the LED strip lit up and I could do all lightning configurations. The fans and the pump gtx110i were all correctly recognized. Two days later I installed FarCry 4 which also installed an old .Net Framework version. The next day the LED strip didn't light up anymore even though in the C-Link Application the "Commander Mini LED" are flashing in my color configs.


In my opinion currently there are 3 possible reasons that the stripes are not working:

- Strips are broken

- Commander Mini is broken

- C-Link has a problem with several .Net Framework versions


Could somebody give me a hint how to get the LED Strips working again?

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Thanks for the hint.

But the thread 141043 does not solve my problem. The commander is recognized. The SIV tools shows the usb device too. But my LED strip does not work. Deleting the profile via CL has no effect.

Can anybody tell me, where the profile or config informations are stored. I would like to try to delete it manually.

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