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Few months old and started having problem already.


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I am using K70RGB keyboard and the problem that I am facing recently is when I press "D" key, it shows "DDDDDDDDDDDD" like this. I mean, when I press 1 time, it shows like 3-4 times. So much problem, in chatting or playing gaming. When playing game, the key "D" doesn't work, so I can't go right, it happen most of the time, then I have to press hard to make it work again.

Again after few mins, D stop working.


And its not only "D", the key "E" is functioning the same way.

So when I press "E" to plant bomb in game or open a door, the door opens and close (just from a single tap). So its is extremely hard to play right now.


Is there anyway to fix this ? For the record I am using - 1.12.75 software version.


Pleease help. :(::(::(:

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What you're experiencing is called "chatter", try flashing again the firmware from cUE (use the force flash option) and see if that helps. If it does not you'll have to open a ticket with Corsair's support and RMA the keyboard most likely.

okay thanks, trying it out.

I just saw from the corsair site is I was using the old version, so I am downloading the latest version that is (1.13.36). Hope it solves the problem, and what is "force flash option" ?


Edddddit: Just did the installation of new firmware, but problem still exists. I still didn't see any (force flash option), while installing. Can you help me out, where it is, and what exactly it does?

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The issue you're having is hardware related so updating the software won't help in any way unfortunately. Also from what you're saying it looks like you were also on an older FW version? When you choose to update the firmware and you are already on the latest one a new option to force flashing again the latest version appears, in your case it didn't since you weren't on the latest.


Either way it looks like flashing the firmware did not help, I didn't think it would work actually but it was worth a shot. Your best option right now is to go ahead and open a ticket as I mentioned before.

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