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K70 RGB - profile reactivate itself


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I have a default profile and a key (end key in my case) which opens a profile to choose different profiles and it totally works as I want.

But since I did that, my browser profile doesnt activate it self by opening the browser or restarting it. Restarting the programm or windows didnt help me either.

The profile is still linked to the correct program path (as before). I also tried linking it to other programs (e.g. an audio player). It doesnt work either.


How do I get my profile to reactivate itself again as before?




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Make sure automatic profile switching is enabled. You can do this by right clicking CUE's notification tray icon and making sure the 'play' triangle is on automatic profile switching.


Have you tried creating a new profile and doing the same thing? Does it change anything? What happens if the end key isn't assigned to profile switching? Does it work correctly?

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Keep it enabled at all times.


If you want to set a key to change profiles, you can do that in the assignments tab. Right click a key > profile selection/switching. I'm not sure if it will automatically disable the auto profile switcher, so you will want to check that as well.

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