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Reading impaired tool to the next step?


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Let me first start by congratulating corsair on this fantastic product.

Since I suffer from a viewing and reading disability, this could become the perfect tool for me to create profiles for different programs.

But in my first days of use, i already counter against the limits of the CUE.

I understand that the product is mainly focused to the gaming industry, but it could really be so much more with a little tweaks.

Can i suggest following here?


- Full-screen support of the CUE, atm the characters on the keyboard picture are so small I can't read them anymore. They are just to minimini.

I always need to count the keys on my keyboard and then compare it to the little picture in the cue. Plz include the option to enlarge cue and/or main assigning picture.


- I really miss the option to include a mode switch, combined with an action like a macro or keystroke.

I understand there is a solution to manually combine .prf and .act, but it's very long threading procedure for extended profiles.

There are so many programs who have different keysettings for internal working modes.

I am talking about programs like office, photoshop, lightroom, cad, 3dsmax, maya, etc..

Let me give you a simple example in Lightroom6.

Lightroom has 7 internal modules


But they come each with their respectively keys, that you can only use in that part of the module.

There is a long learning curve to know all those commands, and Photoshop is even worse. (i see some people nodding their heads now)


These are only 2 things that come to my mind atm, but i'm sure there are so many more possibilities.

I could be such a great visual help to be able creating a profile with all those keyboard shortcuts/commands.


So thank you very much for considering developing/extending a visual aid for those needed.

You have the tools and the software, let's take it that step further.




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