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H110i GT & MSI Z170A M5 - back plate not lining up


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Hi everyone!


New to these message boards but not new to building pc's. I recently purchased the H110i GT & a new MSI Z170A M5 and i7-6700K.


I've got the radiator mounted in my case and was all ready to attach the back plate and get everything going when I noticed that the back plate provided with the H110i GT does not line up with the mount holes on my motherboard. I've included an Imgur.com album below to show you my predicament. I apologize for the low quality photos as they were taken from my phone.


Everything that I've read shows that the H110i is compatible with the LGA 1151 socket.


Any help is greatly appreciated.




Link to Imgur Album -> Here.

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Well, that would probably be a simple solution that I didn't even think to try.


I'll give it a try when I go home for lunch.


Thank you so much! I was getting really frustrated because I couldn't find any videos or posts on how to get this model cooler to work with this socket.


Thank you again and I'll let you know if that does the trick (which it should).

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The 1151 motherboard spacing is identical to the 1155/1156. Last weekend, I removed a cooler plate from an 1155 motherboard and fitted it straight on to a Z170A board.


I just didn't think to slide the captive nuts in towards the center of the back plate even though I clearly saw there was room to do so.


I just checked when I went home and that's exactly what I needed to do.


Now I have to wait 3 long hours before I can get back home and finish the build.

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