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Corsair H100I (Pump Noise)


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Hey just wondering if anyone might be able to help? Two days ago my pc started making a grinding noise which at first I thought might be one of my fans. After checking my fans I could only think it could be the PSU which is the CX600 corsair one. After turning it my computer on it's side I can tell the noise goes louder and it defiantly the pump. The noise can go from mild to loud. I think air bubbles could be stuck in the pump.


Now this is a built system that was done for me by a company so no good at opening it up and taking parts out etc. Just wondering if anyone might have any tips or have had this issue and managed to try anything to get rid of them? I have a three year warranty but don't want to send it in if I can help it unless it gets really bad. My temps seem alright atm and all though not getting time to play games as much but when I do it stays around 60 and in the 50s.


Any help or advice anyone might have would be appreciated.

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