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Scimitar RGB and Microsoft Word


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Hello. I am wondering if anyone has any information regarding the Scimitar and Microsoft Word. When using Word, I am unable to use Right Click. IT works sometimes, but I need to click multiple times to get it to work. It is almost as if I am double clicking. However, this does not always work.


So that there is no confusion, right click works fine everywhere else. Also, I have already repaired Word. So, it is not Word, or my computer, there seems to be some kind of compatibility issue I think. Also, when I plug in another mouse, right click works perfectly fine in Word. So, I think the issue is definitely with the mouse.


If anyone can help me, that would be awesome. Unfortunately, I need to use Word on a daily basis. So, anything that makes my life easier is a help to me.


Thanks ahead of time for any responses.

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