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A few different questions regarding lighting effects

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I recently got a corsair strafe, the non-rgb model. I've been trying to create a setup where I have pulsing WASD, shift and spacebar keys, a visor-esque bouncing wave effect on my 1 to = keys, and a ripple triggered by any other key that does not effect my earlier effects. I've made a pulsing effect I'm happy with, I've made a ripple that ignores the remaining keys, but I have two problems.


I cannot find a way to create the visor effect, and I don't know how to make a ripple that starts from the pressed key and is not triggered by a selection of keys. To clarify, my wave starts from 1 and ends at =, but when I make a second wave that comes in from the other side, they play in sync, as opposed to one after the other. I've also tried making a pair of timers that loop together, triggering the wave as I want, but I can't find a way to limit the action lighting to a specific set of keys, so it just plays over the entire keyboard. In the case of the ripple, I can use type lighting, but that is triggered by any key and effects all keys. I can also use a ripple effect, but that seems to start from the center of the affected keys, instead of the key I pressed.

Thanks for reading, and I appreciate any help offered.

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