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CUE randomly errors out with "No Device Detected" error


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I just purchased a Strafe RGB keyboard this past weekend and it keeps throwing this "No Device Detected" error.


I will be 5 minutes into a League of Legends game and then all of the sudden CUE throws the "No Device Detected" error and crashes all my USB ports. Un-plugging and plugging back in does nothing, keyboard doesn't come back, and neither does my mouse. The only way I can do anything is to hard reset my system.


Is this a windows 10 thing? Does this keyboard not agree with other gaming software such as my mouse software? What is the deal here? I want all the cool lights while playing a game, but the only way I can play a game safely is to quit out of the CUE and play :(

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Sounds like a USB issue instead. Are you using a Corsair mice as well or a third party? What happens when you close the other gaming software? Does the keyboard still disconnect?


Do you have the latest BIOS, chipset drivers and Windows update installed?

Have you tried turning off any USB power savings in Windows and in your BIOS?

Have you tried a different USB port?

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