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Corsair Link ( dear god )


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Ok guys to turn a long story short here i go.


H110i GTX on windows 10 (latest bios) is not responding to my settings.

Unless i turn ON apm in bios..but then it throttles down.

Because apm regulates the speeds for saving energy.


You might be thinking "big deal" just turn it off.

While that is the idea, i can't configure anything in CorsairLink (also latest).

I can read speeds/temps but configuring not. Unless i turn Apm back on.


This results into not being able to set custom fan profiles while Apm is off.

So basically its;

Good performance and bad cooling, or Bad performance and good cooling.


So i had 1 option left, the Apm-auto function.

Well... let's just say this results into the same as apm off..


Im at the point leaving my high-end rig at base clock speeds.

Unless there is some Angel that can tell me im overseeing something..

Because i want to stresstest without my processor set into Apm ofcourse.

Well.. it's possible without any control of the fans/pump.. so


Thanks in advance..


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Perhaps you could turn APM "on" long enough to configure your hardware, then turn it back "off" when you are done configuring. Link hardware profiles are saved in the hardware NVRAM, so Link is not needed to run the H110i (or any other piece of Corsair "i" hardware for that matter). If you want to monitor system metrics, there is a user-developed alternative to Link that is available. You can find it in the Corsair Link forum. Here is a link to the discussion...



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