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M65 differences - CH-9000070-NA vs CH-9000022-NA


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What are the differences between the two M65 mice? CH-9000070-NA vs CH-9000022-NA






They both appear to be the same build but have a different logo. One is RGB and the other is not. Are there any other major differences between these two versions?


I am concerned with the acceleration with the optical sensor but I already have a K70 keyboard and I would like to match the mouse. Which of these two would be better at the acceleration issue that was possible fixed with a firmware update?


I have already bought an MM300 mousepad and I'm assuming either mouse would do well with it.

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Go with the RGB one, the older one (CH-9000022-NA) apart from the different logo uses a completely different program to handle macros, profiles and such. Instead if you get the RGB one you can control everything within the same CUE application.


Also the other mouse at this point is "legacy" and the software/firmware for it won't be updated anymore. CUE will keep being updated instead.

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