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Carbide Air 240 GPU instalation Issues


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I'm sure this has been brought up but has anyone found a solution to the pci-e cables being pushed right up against the side panel of the case? Resulting in either putting too much pressure on the gpu or bending the side panel so it wont fit.


I bought the case as well as everything for a new full build. I checked the corsair website to see a restriction on card length, which was not a problem. After buying my MSI R9 390x I now find it will not fit in the case as it's over ~120mm wide and only after typing the issue into google does it come to my attention.


Why is corsair not more vocal about these restrictions? Why is this information not on the website but on forums where people are complaining about the issue?


I'm now stuck with the card and the case which are not compatible and my only option to try and exchange these items from the store i purchased them from for something else I do not want.


Has anyone found a low profile pci-e cable or way of modifying the case? I've been waiting for more than 2 years to build myself a new PC and Ive loved this case ever since it was released. I'm now left feeling disappointing and am now in a difficult and potentially detrimental position.

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Ill be honest on two fronts:


1.) The dimensions of the Air 240 are very tight and there will be "some" pressure (especially if you use sleeved cables) if a video card has PCIE ports on the side. This doesn't cause any damage though and you'll see that people who use some of our newer coolers with the longer hoses don't have any issues despite having to be a bit more firm with installing the panel. This is a similar issue to some cases that don't have much space on the right side behind the motherboard.


2.) Card width is an issue since everyone likes to make a version that isn't reference design and tends to have heat pipes or wider PCBs. One of the reasons why we can't accomodate some of these larger cards is because you're building a case based on an ITX platform first and foremost despite MATX compatability. If we had to accomodate these wider video cards, the case would have it's width enlarged and we felt that would defeat the purpose of going to an ITX platform. If people wanted more space, we would recommend the Air 540 instead.


Unfortunately in your situation, you'll have to compromise on the card or on the case. You can mod the side panel too, and I'd be more than happy to send you one as a courtesy out of respect to your situation.

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