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XMP safe?


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An XMP preset is an overclock setting for your memory. Anything more than 2133 for DDR4 is an overclock. It carries the same risks as overclocking any other component. Your chances of hardware damage are low. More common issues are BSODs and failing to post. Combing both a memory overclock and a CPU overclock usually makes the task more difficult and requires more tuning beyond enabling the preset. As you might have noticed, 3200Mhz is not a given for either X99 or Z170. Also, it doesn't have to be 2133 or 3200. Your motherboard is capable of setting intermediate speeds in the BIOS. This will require you to enter the 4 primary timings in the BIOS. Try using the Corsair timings on the matching LPX kit for the speed you wish to run as a guide.
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