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H100i (or any fan) doesn't show in Corsair Link


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Hi everyone,


My corsair link have started to act up and I cannot figure out why. Hoping you guys can help.

When I start the program I get zero information. I do not see any fan what so ever or any device either for that matter. This however isn't always the case, sometimes it does work but I havn't figured out what makes the change. Ive disabled most of the autostart programs to see if someone hogs the usb-port.

This is what it looks like:



The wierd thing is, if I rightclick on the Link-Utility icon down at the clock, i get the following:


So by this picture, the actual software should be working, its just not displaying any info? Also, if Im changed the modes "Performance" I do also hear the fans speeding up.


Ive done the obvious, restarted, uninstalled, reinstalled. Removed the local profiles under appdata, still same things happens. Ive also tried to downgrade the Corsair Link... :)


Any ideas please? :)

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