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Weird smell from new case


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Hi i recently changed my pc case (1 week ago) to a corsair graphite 780t and i'm getting a weird smell coming from it.

It's a plasticy something smell not a burned one at any case. All the temperatures are at normal rates and all the cables and capacitors on all the pc parts (hdd,cpu,psu,rams,gpu) are checked 5 times.

Is it posible the case as a case to be smelling like this? or lets say the case fans? I've only changed the case nothing more and nothing is overclocked.

Some parts of my system are:

cpu i5-2500k

gpu gigabyte GTX 970 G1

psu corsair CX750M

motherboard gigabyte ga-z68p-ds3

ram Corsair DDR3 8GB (2x4)Kit 1600MHz Vengeance C8

Some helps is appreciated, thanks.

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Does it only smell when the computer is switched on? Does it smell stronger in one part of the case than others?


Yes, it only smells when the PC is on. I've done the "smell test" in the PC but i can't figure out from where it comes from.

When i lower the fan speed via the fan controler the smell is not so strong but maybe this is because the back fan is exausting less air.

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