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Whine from PSU after GPU upgrade


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I have an older Corsair PSU (650W). I recently upgraded my old GPU to a new GTX 980 Ti.

However, I noticed an instant whining from the PSU. It's not like a buzzing from a loose fan or some residue, but more like a high pitched whine.


I made some changes to registry and disabled idle CPU which solved the whining.

However this made my CPU temperature raise by 20 degrees celsius.


I'm wondering anyone else experiencing this problem. Can the whine be solved in any other way than disabling idle CPU?

Could the PSU be to small or old? I tried some online calculators trying to measure if 650W were sufficient. I do realize PSU's dont run at 100% effiency but closer to 80-90%.

Nvidia recommends a 600W PSU as a minimum and the calculators all showed 650W to be plenty.

I'm running and I7 ivy bridge CPU


No diskdrives

6 SSD disks

Gaming mouse/ keyboard.

Corsair h100i water cooling for the CPU.


Thanks in advance.



I ended up buying a new GPU and PSU trying to fix the issue, but only after this 1000 USD purchaise I realized the whining noise is comming from my Corsair H100i CPU cooler...

Great, huh?

Money well spend as they say...


There's no whine or hizzing during BIOS setup or booting. But as soon as I reach the logon screen, I'm greeted with an really annoying hiiziziihihiigiigiiiziihiizizizziziziz-sound

I made a short video:




Thanks in advance.

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Coil whine is fairly normal.


PSUs operate at different frequencies at different loads. Your graphics card swap bumped your PSU into a load range that causes one of the magnetics (God knows which one) to vibrate at an audible frequency.


You never said WHICH 650W PSU you have. But if it's in warranty, you're welcome to RMA it.

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