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How long does it take for an RMA to get reviewed?


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Corsair have just returned from the holiday break. it may take a few more days as ticket load is usually quite high after breaks.


If you want a faster reply or update. It will be best to contact customer service directly via Skype/phone and ask for a ticket status update.

You can call customer service using Skype by calling their toll free number which can be found on their contact page.


If you haven't already, make sure you have a picture of your invoice uploaded to the ticket as this is used as proof of purchase.

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Saw this has been posted earlier, but i am wondering the same. i sent my keyboard of after it got approved and shipped it about a week ago on the 15.01.16 from Norway to the Netherlands. I would of thought that it would have arrived by now.


if any of you beautiful people from corsair wonder, my ticket is: 6721378

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