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RMA Process Question

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I've been getting random BSoDs recently so I've done some stuff to try to identify and rectify the problem(s).

I have tried clean installing Windows (both 7 and 10 versions), manually installing known good drivers, scanning all drives with two antivirus/malware programs, and checking disks for errors with no success. Then came the ram.


I have tested both of my ram sticks with Memtest86+, and have found that one of them is immediately causing problems. (Imgur Album Link)


The ram was purchased December 2013, so would I be covered under warranty for replacements?


If so, which module(s) of ram would I send back? Just the faulty one? Both? I don't have readily available backup ram, so knowing what returning the ram entails is important.


Edit: For those curious, stock bios setting with only the provided ram's XMP profile changing anything.

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Corsair provides a lifetime warranty for their RAM modules.


You can request an RMA, attach your receipt as proof of purchase then call customer service and request an advanced RMA/express RMA.



An advanced RMA basically means Corsair will send you the replacement kit first then you send your faulty ram kit back to Corsair within a specified time frame. This process will require a valid credit card.


When returning your RAM, you will need to return all the modules that were included with the kit. So if your kit contains two modules and one of them is faulty, you will still need to send in both modules as it is a kit.


You can call customer service using Skype by calling their toll free number which can be found on their website. if you have further questions, it will be best to ask in your ticket or the representative when you call in.


Corsair's warranty process/policy can be found here;


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