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Where can I buy the Corsair CP-8920002


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I live in the netherlands.

I own a AX1500i


I want to mod it with more nice white cables.

Since corsair does not sell full cable replacement kits for the 1500i,

I will have to buy 2 of the kits for the 1200i

Productnummer CP-8920002


I want to do that but there is not a single store in my nation (the netherlands) who is offering this item.


And this website does only allow me to order them if I would live in USA or canada.


can you please give me a method of purchasing them?



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CP-8920002 is for the AX1200 only.


CP-8920050 is compatible with the AX1500i.




In the bottom left of the site, change your country to "Global (English)" and you'll see Netherlands as one of the countries we ship to.

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