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How long can H100i last?


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I have a very old cooler i kept for about 4 years i think and it still runs great and no problems. It's H100i before these newer ones came out and they run so good. I am always wondering how long this can last? Has anyone have this cooler and still running after 4 years or longer? I always wondered if the liquid inside will be evaporated? Would i need to buy another cooler to expand the life expectations to my system?


Opinions and advice? I would like to hear from an actual Corsair developer's opinion. My temps are great and i never had one issue. It's such a very good cooler and i just wondered how long will it last and how will i need to know when it needs to be changed. All i know is that i had it for a very long time. So far it's excellent!

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I'd suggest you put in a ticket and you may get a faster and possibly a better reply from Corsair.



Corsair provides a five year warranty for their coolers. So you will expect the coolers to last without problems for five years. How long they last is quite hard to guess as there is rarely a post here regarding a issue related to old age.


e.g. This 6 year old H50 is probably being used on a Skylake system.


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