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H100i GTX Standoff issue.


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The other night all my parts for my new pc build arrived so i started to build of course. Got the CPU and RAM all hooked up to the mobo but when i attempted to mount the H100i GTX i ran into a problem. 3 of the 4 standoffs fit screwed intot he backplate but the 4th did not. Neither side of that 1 standoff fit into the backplate or the thumbscrew. Checked all the thumbscrews backplate holes with the other standoffs and they worked no problem. Im assuming i just got a defective stand off. I am using the 115X standoffs. Are these standoffs common and findable at a hardware store or will i need to get some straight from corsair (hopefully for free as this was defective)? I doubt i'm doing something wrong, you just screw it in! If there is some fix I would be more than thankful to be told.
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